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We invite you to join us for an Air Experience Flight at Cunderdin Airfield any weekend, all year round, weather permitting. For the safety reasons, we won't be taking passangers for the flight if the day temperature goes above 35C*

Your joyflight will take place in one of our club's two seat gliders, and will last up to 30 minutes. Our pilot will fly the take-off and landing, and your passenger is welcome to have a go at the controls in between, or just relax and enjoy the view.

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Should you wish to make a booking or buy a gift voucher for a joyflight please email Cameron McDonald onand we can make it happen.

How to pay for the gift voucher:

You can pay for the gift voucher by the credit card or by electronic transfer

Credit Card

We may need you credit card number and expire date over the phone.

Contact Cameron on 0400581132. The receipt and scanned gift voucher will be email to you once your credit card has been redeemed.

Electronic Transfer

Club Internet banking details

The Gliding Club of Western Australia
BSB 086131
Acc 036086731
National Australia Bank

Email the copy of bank transfer to us as the prove of your payment.

It costs just $190 for a 30** minutes flight, during which you will experience the thrill of silent flight, soaring like an eagle, and if lucky, you can even spot one.


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Please note:

An upper weight limit applies (110kg)

The maximum permitted safe weight on any glider seat is 110 kg. Passengers over 100kg can only be flown with our lighter instructors to avoid exceeding the maximum combined cockpit load. If you are over 100kg please advice your weight when booking your flight so we can ensure a suitable instructor is present.

Persons under 18 years need parental permission at the airfield or in advance on the correct form.

What happens when I book and on the day?

After we book a time for a joyflight, we will:
•Send you a confirmation email about the details of your flight;
•Let the duty pilot know that you are coming on that time and date.

The joyflight will take place in one of club's two seat gliders, and will last up to 30 minutes. Should you wish to extend the flight, the cost is $1.50 / minute up to 1 hour (if possible on the day, subject to conditions and operational constraints)
You can contact the Duty Pilot on the airfield telephone (0417 992 806) after 9:00 on Saturdays and Sundays and also public holidays should you wish to check on the weather or any other reason.
Please do not contact the publicity or bookings officer for information on the day of your flight where possible.

Before you leave for Cunderdin, check if the weather is flyable, call the Cunderdin Airfield mobile on 0417 992 806 between 9.30am and 11.00am Saturday and Sunday only.


What to bring
Just bring yourself, and some items that will help to make your flight more comfortable.
We suggest bringing sunglasses, a hat, sunscreen, and a water bottle. Toilets are available at the toilet block on the Northern end of the caravan park when you get to the field, and soft drinks and snacks are available for sale out at the airfield and in the clubhouse. Out at the launch point we have a shade sail next to the runway in use and also some plastic chairs.
Make sure that you are not feeling full or hungry, and that you are well hydrated for the flight.
What if I cannot make it on the day, or if the weather looks bad?
Please contact our duty pilot after 9:00 on the day if you cannot make it for any reason.
If the weather looks bad where you are, please contact the duty pilot also, as the weather at Cunderdin is often quite different to the weather in Perth and may be very flyable.

Terms and Conditions
1.For flights that are of an unusually short duration the Club, at our discretion, may choose to offer a second launch to the AEF customer to 2000 feet;
2.A maximum AEF passenger weight of 110kg applies;
3.AEF passenger must be prepared and able to sign a mandatory health declaration and disclaimer;
4.AEF passengers under 18 years of age require signed parental consent prior to flying;
5.No refunds are available;
6.Flights may be extended over 30 minutes at the passengers request;
7.Time extensions over 30 minutes are charged at $1.50 per minute for up to one hour for the entire flight only;
8.Please note that due to constraints on flying days, extensions in flight time may not be available, however we are also unable to accept extensions in advance;
9.Should an Air Experience or joyflight passenger choose to undertake an additional flight within 9 days of the initial flight with the intent of joining GCWA, the additional flight will be charged at our club member rates.

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