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Sport for all ages - from those who fly solo on their 15th birthday through to mature age groups. There is no upper age limit. Gliding is a silent and graceful way of flying without an engine. You may wonder how you get airborne, and how you stay up. You will find answers in FAQ section.

Learn to fly gliders

How to join the Gliding Club of Western Australia

Learn to fly gliders with us - call Cameron on 0400 581 132 to start this weekend!
The Gliding Club of Western Australia is a great place to learn to fly gliders near Perth.

Email us now on: to begin flying as early as this weekend!

Or better still if you want to talk to us about how to get started, or about any part of the journey to learn to fly gliders, call Cameron McDonald on 0400 581 132 or send him an email and talk about starting your aviation experience.


This could be you:A student pilot landing our PW-6 on runway 23.
Our instructors are all highly experienced and can have you flying solo as soon as possible*.
Right from your first lesson you will be hands on controls with the initial goal of flying solo!

The GCWA advantage
There are many advantages when you learn to fly gliders at Cunderdin, and they include:
•Economical flying, with access to both winch and aerotow launches
•Our innovative Bulk Flying Scheme, which means you can fly unlimited glider hours for $690.00 per year (plus normal member fees and launches)
•The best gliding conditions close to Perth are experienced at and around Cunderdin
•Uncongested airspace
•Learn to fly close to Perth
•Our coaching and mentoring programmes mean that you will get solo quicker, and then we will make sure we pass our experience of cross country flying to you
•The GCWA is a friendly club, and we welcome new members and visitors.

Student pilot on tow.
Purchase a package, or find out how to join the club here.
Each new member receives a pilot's logbook as part of their membership fee.
Find out about our bulk flying scheme and fees.

A happy student pilot after a smooth landing.
Click here to find directions to our location.
*Note that conditions apply. Becoming a pilot and committing to successfully learn to fly gliders is dependent on being able to meet relevant medical requirements, membership of the Gliding Federation of Australia, and also membership of the Gliding Club of WA. Age restrictions apply for solo flight (16 years of age ). View the attachments below for further information. The time required to become solo is of course also dependent on your aptitude, experience, and enthusiasm.

Attachments (3)

To the Prospective Club Member.pdf
Medical details.pdf
Membership Application Form.pdf

Consent form.pdf

GCWA info letter

Want to learn Gliding?

Gliding Club of Western Australia is currently taking applications for their up coming 2017 winter ab - initio course. A five day course set over two weekends TBA (3 days ) and (2 days).

You will learn the basics of gliding with one of the club experienced instructors in a two seater glider!!

The most enjoyable and affordable way to learn to fly is with Gliding Club of Western Australia

Call Cameron on 0400581132 for more information.

GCWA membership forms available here

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