Manufacturer: DG

Country: Germany

Wing Span: 15.0 m (17m)

Wing area: 10 sq. m(10.57)

Aspect Ratio: 22.5m (27.34m)

Length: 7m

Empty weight: 245kg (248kg)

Water Ballast: 130 kg (130kg)

All-Up Mass: 450kg (450kg)

Min. sink: 0.59 m/s - 80km/h (0.53m/s - 80km/h)

L/D max.: 42.5 - 80kph (44.6 & 110km/h)

Max. Rough Air Speed:



Photograph by Stan Doda - "John H.Bisscheroux in his DG-202-17 reg. C-GBYW during 400km cross country flight from Hawkesbury airfield Ontario. Montreal Soaring Council


Designed in Germany single-seater High Performance Sailplane in the 15m Unrestricted Class, with insertible wing tips for open class flying with a 17m wingspan. Andrew Repton flown 1000km ;Cunderdin,Perenjori,Corrigin,Dalwallinu,Cunderdin in December 2002 in 9h45min. Use for a cross-country and competition flights.

Bob Bignell - owner of DG-200-17 -CQI - GCWA

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