Country: Germany

Wing Span: 20.3m

Length: 7.33m

High: 1.45m

Wing area: 14.4 sq. m

Airfoil: Wortmann FX-67-K-170

Aspect Ratio: 28.6

Empty weight: 350kg

All-Up Mass: 580kg

Water Ballast: 160kg

Min. sink: 0.6 m/s -40.5kt

L/D max. 51

Max. Rough Air Speed: 146kt

Vne: 146kt

Load Factor: ?


The HS-3 Nimbus high performance single-seater was designed and built in his spare time by Dipl-Ing Klaus Holighaus, with the aid of Schempp-Hirth, of which he became a 50% shareholder in 1970.The Nimbus-2 is the production version, differing from the HS-3 in having the same fuselage as the Standard Cirrus married to a wing of shorter span (20.3m) and built in four sections to limit weight and dimensions for ease of rigging, storage and trailer transport. Open Class single-seat glider use for a cross-country and competition flights.Owners John Orton and Chris Runecker from GCWA

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