Country: Germany


Wing Span: 24.6m

Length: 8.7m

Height: 1.4m

Wing area: 16.85 sq. m

Aspect Ratio: 35.9

Empty weight: 485kg

All-Up Mass: 750kg

Water balast:168L

Load factor: +5.4/-3.4

Stalling speed:42kt

Min. sink: 0.43m/s

L/D max. 57

Vne: 148kt


The Nimbus 3 is a single seat Open Class competition sailplane, which incorporates the perfect realization of all aerodynamic potential currently available. At the same time, all technological progress practicable in sailplane construction is applied.

Single-seat glider use for a cross-country and competition flights.Owners John Orton and Swain Johnson from GCWA

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