Country: Finland

Wing Span: 15.0 m

Length: 6.45m

High: 1.39m

Wing area: 10.0 sq. m

Airfoil: Wortmann FX- 67-K170 /150

Aspect Ratio: 22.5

Empty weight: 220kg

All-Up Mass: 450kg

Water Ballast: 140kg

Min. sink:

0.6 m/s - 40.5kt

L/D max. : 42

Max. Rough Air Speed: 130kt

Vne: 157kt

Load Factor: ?

Designed in Finland, single-seater with retractable Rotax 505 two-cylinder two-cycle 43 hp engine, retractable engine. Very compettive cross-country glider. Use for a cross-country and competition flights.Owners Denis Macneall and Kevin Saunders

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