Manufacturer: SZD - Bielsko

Country: Poland

Wing Span: 15.0 m

Length: 6.85m

High: 1.47m

Wing area: 9.6 sq. m

Aspect ratio: 23.44

Airfoil: NN-27

Empty weight: 256kg

All-Up Mass:500kg (with w / ballast)

Min. sink: 0.54 m/s -79.4km/h

L/D max. 43.4- 100kph

Max. Rough Air Speed: 92kt

Vne: 250km/h

Load Factor: +5.3 / -2.65

Designed in Poland fibre-glas single-seater Standard Class Glider. Use for a cross-country and competition flights. Owners John Orton & Graham Clinton

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