Manufacturer: Stemme F&D

Country: Germany

Wing span: 23m

Length: 8.42m

Fuselage max. width: 1.18m

Height: 1.18m

Wing area: 18.7 sq m

Empty weight: 660 kg

Max take off & landing: 850 kg

Max power loading: 10.06kg/kW

Vne: 146kt(270km/h)

Stall speed: 42kt flaps landing position

Maneuvering speed: 97 kt

Best glide ratio @ 57kt: 50

Max range with std. fuel (2x45ltr) 1290km

Service ceiling:30,000ft

Max rate of climb: 4.14m/s(817ft/min)


The double-seated site be site, unique high-performance motorglider Stemme-S10.Owned by a syndicate and available for cross-country training of a members.


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