Training and Cross Country coaching


With our two two seater gliders we are able to offer training for anybody. The training is done by volunteer qualified members of the club, who have been trained through the Gliding Federation of Australia. Training usually requires about 30-40 instructional flights, before solo flying is possible.

Training however does not end at solo.

We maintain a close eye on all pilots as they progress. Once solo you will fly duel any day you come to fly before being allowed solo again, this is daily checks. Later you will be on monthly checks and eventually annual checks. Even the top guns are checked every year.

Solo is only the first step.

It takes years to hone your skills to become a top competitive pilot. It has been said by pilots with 1,000 hours flying "I'm just beginning to get the idea of flying."

The Gliding Club of WA has an innovative programme to encourage budding cross country pilots at both the ab-initio (learning to fly) stage, and also the post solo stage of your flying career.

We offer pilots that are learning to fly, the opportunity, to get beyond sight of the airfield with one of our more experienced pilots so that they can set their sights a bit higher, and they can be exposed to operations at a higher level away from the field.
Similarly, in the post solo stage, especially after a pilot has gained the level of privileges required to leave the airfield area by themselves, the club offers coaching to interested people so that the new pilot is able to fly with an experienced pilot and develop their cross country soaring skills.

Eventually pilots will be trained to a level where they can fly club, state or even National competitions. Alternatively you may wish to be a pilot who attempts to break records.

GCWA has a long history of cross country flying, and some of our results can be seen here.

Jantar Std-2. and PW-5 lining up for the take off.

Busy morning, Knut von Hentig is preparing the Jantar Std.2 for the cross country flight.

Typical morning at the GCWA


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