So much fun!!!! It didn't feel like half an hour but was definitely worth it! I would recommend it for anyone who is looking for something different and a thrill!!

Christopher Capao

What an amazing experience! All the staff were super friendly, and with heaps of knowledge and information to share it really made the flight THAT much better! I could tell they all do it for the love of flying and this really came through. Would definitely recommend for anyone wanting something a little bit different but incredibly exhilarating at the same time!

Tess Silcox

John Kenworthy
The experience itself was really good - friendly, helpful people and fairly efficient. what wasn't efficient was the communication between the glider club people and your organisation. they seemed to think there was only one person rather than 3 people doing the flights and had therefore only organised one glider to be available. Also, we weren't sure where to go - had to end up ringing them and were told that someone would come and get us - we were apparently in the right place but there just wasn't anyone there to meet us. So, generally very good but a few ends need to be tidied up.

John Kenworthy

Bob the pilot, Sarah, Peter, Andrew, all exceptionally nice people,making not only me but my family and dogs feel extremelty welcome. The flight, well, we managed to find a thermal and climbed under our own steam to just under 9000 feet, we flew to Meckering and back fitting in a loop and wing over manouvres, sensational. We did a high speed competition landing to perfection, everybody extremely happy, with a great steak sandwich at the Pub. I am recommending the experience to all I speak to and look forward to the day I do it again. Regards and BEST Christmas wishes to all.

Jack Chambers

This was a wonderful experience.Thank you everybody


Roy Holden

As some of you may or may not know, I am posted back to RAAF Williamtown (Newcastle) in the New Year (18Jan09) and Saturday was my last official towing day for GCWA. It turned out to be a fantastic day towing with both Club and Cadet activity. To top it off, Ian Russell provided me with a reasonably short out-landing retrieval although I thought all my Christmas's had come at once when I heard James Cooper had out-landed near Wongan Hills. Unfortunately he took the cheaper option of a trailer retrieve. O well the excitement about that one was short lived.

I have thoroughly enjoyed my time at GCWA. I believe it is the members that make a Club and I couldn't have meet a better bunch of people. You made me feel welcome right from the start and I would have to say every one of you showed your appreciation for each and every tow (even if I did leave you in sink more often than not) whether it was a double click on the radio, a verbal thanks over the radio or general thanks at the end of the days flying. It has been a real pleasure in being able to assist you to enjoy what is probably your favourite pastime.

In parting, I would like to thank James and the Committee for the fantastic job they do in keeping the Club on the straight and narrow but in particular I would like to thank Kevin Saunders for training me as a Glider Tow pilot and Denis Macneall for conducting my Out-Landing Retrieval approval. In addition, both these guys have passed on some of their extensive knowledge and wisdom hopefully making me a better pilot. Thanks guys.

I wish all of you the very best for the future, booming days and to those whose job is only towing, lots of out-landing retrievals.

I will miss GCWA and all its members. However, I must warn you I will probably be back twice a year to assist with towing Cadets during their EFTC's.

Kind Regards
Roy Holden

Terry & Lou Fromont

Greetings to all,

My wife Lou and I visited the club last Saturday and thought we’d drop you a line to say thanks again for a wonderful day.

Lou flew with Bob in the Blanik, I went up in the IS-28 with Rob Carter. We both thoroughly enjoyed our flights and I am most grateful to Rob for allowing me as much stick time as he did, it was great to at least attempt to fly a glider again after so many years on the ground.

Many thanks also to the Bobs, Dennis, Noreen and Kevin (sorry if I’ve left anyone out) for their wonderful hospitality after the birds were put away for the day.

We’ll definitely be back.


Terry & Lou Fromont.


Mark Hoffman

Hi to everyone at the Gliding Club of WA,
My Mum and I went up in the gliders last weekend and I would
like to thank everyone for an enjoyable morning.Thanks Swain for
keeping us up for so long and for the aerobatics,better than any show ride!

We will be back for more after the archery Championships. Can you fly in winter? Or do you need the
summer heat for the thermals.
See you soon,


Mark & Mum Hoffman.

Martin Page

Just a note to thank all envoled at the club for a great day on the 11/02/2006.
It was my dad 70th birthday present and boy did he enjoy himself. On the way home we could not wipe the smile of his face, he told me it was one of the best things he had ever done.
The breif rain storm did not dampen our day out, my brother Kevin and I also took a joyflight and were really impressed.Once again thanks to all concerned.



Aiden Hughes

I am a member of a club in England and our fleet is nothing compared to yours if I am ever in Western Australia I will come and visit you!


Deb Powell

Hi Marek

Please pass on my thanks to all your members involved in getting me up in the air on Easter Sunday. I had a great time despite the lousy weather limiting my flight. I enjoyed it so much that I will definitely visit for another flight one day soon. I’ll pick a nice sunny day for it next time to really experience the joy of gliding.

I have attached a slide show of my flight. Please feel free to use any pictures for the benefit of your club.

Kind regards

Deb Powell